KDE-Edu Sprint 2013: A week with excellent memories

I just attended KDE-Edu Sprint-2013 which was held in La Coruna, Galicia, Spain! The sprint was taken place from 23rd October 2013 to 30th October,2013 in the Faculty of Computer Science (FIC) in the Elvina Campus of the Universidade da Coruna. This was the first time I was attending any Sprint and also this was my first foreign trip (and, of-course , the first time, I flew 🙂 )

So, I met the AWESOME KDE-hackers (Aleix, Andreas, Samikshan, Sebastian,Albert, Jose) whom I was knowing just by their names 😛 We discussed current important issues affected to KDE-Edu which include porting KDE-Edu applications to KF5, Splitting LibKdeEdu in different appropriate modules and of course current state of Math-Applications in KDE-Edu 🙂 Andreas introduced Artikulate (A Pronunciation Trainer of KDE),its basic features and how it can be useful for the users with various ages,professions and hobbies.

I discussed the current state of Khipu (Advanced Mathematical function plotter application) and possible future improvements. We also listed out some important Khipu’s tasks for Google Code-In 2013 and added them to the KDE’s doc page. Identifying and fixing the bugs is always a fun! 🙂 We found some flaws in Khipu and fixed,there. We also met the teachers of the schools located in La Coruna and suggested them how our applications can benefit them (That talk was in Spanish, but still I managed to understand the moral 😀 ) We also had an awesome trip to some historical and beautiful places near Atlantic Ocean in the last days of the sprint! (Thanks a lot , Jose for your help 🙂 )

At last , we too had a group photograph with all our Sprint attendees ( I am there in red GSoC T-shirt 😉 )

KDE Edu Sprint 2013 Group photoFinally, I want to thank all the Edu members (Aleix, Jose etc.. ) who organized the Sprint and invited me to be a part of it. Also a big thank to GPUL and KDE e.V. for all the financial support for my attendance in the Sprint. The sprint was really a great fun and full of learning experiences 🙂


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